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Because my son has Torettes syndrome and my wife is bipolar and I work in a different state with no money to move them here.


I have not quit yet-My son is going to counseling and he is seven, My wife is bipolar and I have no money to move them. The reason is my son has a good childrens hospital nearby and counseling with neuro psycologist for his syndrome. I do not know what to do, The company is based in washington but I am working here in nevada for same company-their main operations are now in nevada.


I was going to ask you if you checked Nevada's website to find the reasons you might be able to quit with good cause .. not attributable to the employer, but I just went there and the link that use to take you to "appeal information" where you could find some explanation of when this is possible .. is not active.

You might call the appeal department or check the statutes because there are certain circumstances when this is possible in Nevada .. but ..

I sense some urgency and frustration on your part .. like possibly, maybe, there is some kind of "emergency" you're not telling me about.

So, since I couldn't access Nevada's appeal information .. I went to the USDOL and checked the approved state applications to receive money from the feds for the "Recovery Act".

Here is the link to the PDF which might be helpful to you. It takes a bit to load so be patient. I found the information I believe would be relevant to you beginning on page 11 of 48.

Read it carefully to see how this might apply to your situation.

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