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This website is here, because I was laid off my my job where I coordinated thousands of unemployment appeals for a UI claim management company and that's how I learned it's unwise for an employee, or an employer, to ignore how unemployment laws and eligibility rules (regulations) cause benefits to work out, or not.

Sorry, I rules may not be the sort of thing you were looking for when you landed here, but the fact is, a state's unemployment statutes are interpreted by the State's Unemployment Insurance Administrative Law Agency, via regulations, including those that may affect your eligibility .. or ineligibility. 

If you've never hearing unemployment laws vary by state before, believe me when I say it can be true, but that's just another good reason I think an unemployed person should also focus on the state unemployment laws controlling their claim. 


Fact is, after nearly two decades of yapping about unemployment benefits, I've never once thought it was time for me to stop to ask questions that help me find information that makes me think eligibility is possible, or if ineligibility is not a possibility.

One place where I find a lot of general answers and on a state by state basis, is at the USDOL's Unemployment Law Comparison Charts. (The link can be found below).

It's Free and Really Good General Information About How Unemployment Benefits Vary From State to State.

I can't express how relieved I felt, as an employee, expected to know how to coordinate hearings I was , when I stumbled on the State Unemployment Law Comparison Charts at the United States Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA) .. and all because I changed the way I asked a question about unemployment.  

I know at the time I felt as if I had struck gold, because I could see how those charts could help me answer a constant stream of employers general questions. 

I also used some of those charts to help me do another job duty .. convince an employer why they might give me permission to withdraw an appeal using sound logic after some other employee had done their duty ad had filed the appeal for no other reason than someone had been determined eligible to collect benefits after the initial claim eligibility interview.

There was even an acronym for this sort of appeal.  ATS or appealed to save.   Save what you might ask,  the employer's right to have an appeal hearing and facts be damned .. until the notice of hearing arrived.

But alas, most employers with questionable reasoning to appeal some former employees benefits, knew claimants often lost by default when they didn't show for a hearing .. or when they did, they were not prepared to win a hearing by arguing facts relevant to the burden of proof, assigned to the moving party.

The USDOL generally updates it's  UI Law Comparison Charts yearly, sometime around midsummer, to reflect  any changes a State might of made to it's Unemployment Laws. 

The unfortunate thing about free official government information resources, is how often our federal or state governments move information around .. and breaks the links found below.

Should you find a broken link on this page, I'll appreciate an email, so I know I need to fix what's broken .. as long as it's repairable.

 Should You Be Represented at Your Unemployment Appeal Hearing?

You Can Find Out If You Ask For a Free Case Evaluation  

Representation At Unemployment Hearings is Limited to the Following States

Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Illinois | Iowa | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maryland | Mississippi | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Mexico | North Carolina | North Dakota |Ohio Oregon | Pennsylvania | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wyoming

Your State Unemployment Laws -  aka Employment Security Acts 


The state of Alabama is not as forthcoming with useful information about it's regulations but you can still use the link to it's UI statutes, and if you want more information check the comparison chart up above.

Alabama Unemployment Statutes



Alaska is a touch on the unique side of unemployment laws in one way it varies from other states.  Alaska is one of  three states in this country I cannot disagree with if they tell me they were denied benefits after paying into unemployment all their working life .  They do, but that doesn't explain that claim when made in 47 other states. 

Alaska Unemployment Statues


Arizona, has one of the lower maximum weekly unemployment benefits in the country.

It's also one of a handful of states that makes finding affordable representation for an unemployment appeal hearing a bigger challenge for claimants 

Arizona is one of two states that do allow non-attorney representation at tribunal hearings, but the challenge for a claimant, is the non-attorney must possess a supervisory letter from an Arizona attorney.  


AZ Administrative Code 


Arkansas Unemployment Statutes


I think California does a good job of supplying information I think is helpful, for those needing to understand if, how and why, they may be able to receive unemployment benefits. 

California Unemployment Insurance Code 

Unemployment Insurance Precedents 

EDD Unemployment Insurance Benefit Determination Guide aka the UIBDG 


CDLE Reference Library


Delaware - Do you know where





Illinois Unemployment Law Handbook


Iowa Adjudication Guide





Maryland                                                                Decision Digest

Massachusetts                                                DUA Service Rep Manual

Decision Digest







New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico                                         Precedents

New York                                                 

North Carolina Statues

NC Precedent Manual

North Dakota

Ohio Statutes                             Precedent  Abstract

Oklahoma                                   Precedent Manual



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


Texas                                                 Precedents



Precedent Manual

Washington State

Washington DC

West Virginia

Wisconsin                                    Precedents


Many discussions in the  Q&A's  link to specific pages  in many of the resources to help explain the reasoning behind any answer or question I might of asked.

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