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Being fired for a no call / no show

by V.

I was notified by unemployment that my job said that I was fired for nc/ns. But I was never notified of the day or the time to show up for work. I had been calling everyday for work. So there for I continued to do my bi weekly claim an said that it was a lack of work because every time I would call I would get no answer . Then one day I got another call from unemployment saying that I failed to show up to work and that my case was being reviewed. I haven't spoke to my employer yet and they have not contacted me to speak with me . They never even called to tell me I was fired or anything. The last time I spoke and worked for them was march 7 2016. I wanted to know if u think I will continue to qualify for my benefits?

Chris's Answer to: Being Fired For a No Call / No Show

I'll say it again and probably not for the last time.

A no call / no show is not a discharge, but a voluntary quit by job abandonment which would of course .. be without good cause attributable to the work, or employer.

Sounds like you might be collecting partial unemployment benefits, so I'm going to ask if you happen to work for a temp agency, or some sort of permanent on call type position .. such as what substitute teachers do ..sometimes for multiple school districts?

If my assumption about the type of work you're involved with is incorrect, then maybe you better explain more about the terms and conditions of your employment and why you have to just sit around and wait for them to call .. in lieu of them giving you an actual "schedule" to plan the rest of your life, which I assume includes job interviews for a better job .. around.

Although I don't think Pennsylvania has a temporary worker provision that results in a voluntary quit when the individual does not call (email would be my preference) to ask for another assignment.

Temp worker provisions are easy enough to check for in the non-monetary chartbook.

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