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Can a North Carolina unemployment claim be re-established if I take a job and it doesn't work out?

by Shannon

I am now receiving unemployment benefits in NC. I am thinking about applying for a position that is available in my area. I believe that I have a really good chance of getting the job if I apply for it. The problem is that the people that I will be starting work for are known to be really hard to work for. For example, treating employees as being "beneath" them, requiring things from employees that require that employees to toss aside any pride they may have and act almost as a servant (these people are extremely wealthy and almost expect to have servants). I want to go to work and I would like to have this job but I do not want to ruin my receiving unemployment benefits. I am afraid that if I take this job and quit receiving benefits and the job doesn't work out that I will have ruined my chances of getting further benefits. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you.

Hi Shannon,

Great question!! You are considering the future and the issue you are anticipating is "quitting without good cause" because if you do take this job and it doesn't work out and you then quit .. you will be required to prove it was with good cause if you want to continue collecting unemployment.

So I suggest you read what I have to say about quitting a job and collecting unemployment.

The same theme runs throughout everything I write about quitting. You need to be able to PROVE it was with good cause. To do this, I think everyone
needs to shift their attitude about what it actually means to be an employee. While employed we must be vigilant about protecting ourselves as well as following through on what is expected of us from an employer.

I prefer to think of myself as an independent contractor vs. and employee. I will obey an employer's rules, but I also feel free to put them on notice when I believe they are breaking their own rules, or behaving in a way that should not be tolerated. It's really just common sense. I document conversations, events, meetings, etc. I keep a timeline. If I have a question about my rights .. I find out what my rights are. I'm an active participant in my employment in all respects. I probably know my employer's rulebook better than he does.

I do this because I'm an at will employee just like most Americans. I have to take the job "as is" without benefit of "negotiating a contract"

This puts me at risk of losing my means of support on a "whim" of an employer. I am financially vulnerable and I don't like that.

Therefore, I'm my own best advocate, just in case the employer acts on a whim .. I have an avenue to allow myself some relief (UI) .. or if I'm being treated in a manner that is not within the bounds of reasonableness I am able to PROVE my efforts to first correct the employer's behavior.

A little sidenote, I do think NC is one of those states that still refer to employment as the Master/Servant relationship.

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