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Can I file after leaving my employment 3 years ago in CA to follow my spouse?

I quit my job in California to follow my spouse who had been laid off and the job he found was with a company in Virginia and which required him to travel full time. We did this for three years. He was laid off again 7 months ago. I have been unable to find employment since I left my job in California and want to know iF I would be eligible for unemployment?

We are currently living in New Mexico where my husband hopes to find work (he re-trained to be a Commercial Truck Driver). Thank you very, very much. I'd pay you but we are barely hanging on.


Three years ago I would of addressed the cause of your voluntary quit in California to follow your spouse to Virgina as potentially being with good cause per the California unemployment determination guide.

However, that you haven't worked for the last three years, the issue is now of a monetary nature.

I think your claim would likely be deemed invalid due to insufficient wages in your base period, so no worries, even if you could pay me for appeal coaching, I wouldn't be able to let you pay me .. because for me to help, you need merits for appeal.

Monetarily qualifying a claim is the first step when someone files a new claim .. vs. reopening an existing one.

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