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Can I file for unemployment if I quit because I have conjestive heart failure and artery disease and pulmonary disease in the state of georgia

by Michael
(leesburg ga usa)

I have CHF;COPD and CAD. These are all diseases pertaining to the heart. I had to quit because I was always so tired and stressed at work. The doctor didnt know how i was still working at the time. This takes every breath I have just to finish the day,. I couldnt keep it up so I had to make the decision to quit because of health reasons.

CHF:conjestive Heart Failure
COPD:chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CAD:coronary artery disease

Hi Michael,

I answered this question just the other day for someone from Georgia. It's understandable why you might of missed it because the title or question had other reasons in it, but the link to the information about quitting for health reasons is in my answer .. on
this page.

It sounds though like you are not able to work and being able and available for work is a necessary condition for unemployment.


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