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Can I file for Unemployment If I Quit Due To Discrimination?

by M.

I quit my job due to discrimination, The lady who does my scheduling told me that one of my clients had called her and told her i was not getting my job done so she wanted another aide on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The client told me that the scheduler had lied to me. The client told me she had never called the office! The other aide told the scheduler "either you give me this client on Tuesdays and Thursdays or i quit!" This was not fair to me. When my client asked where will my regular aide go on Tuesdays and Thursdays the scheduler said i will give her fill ins or she can have those days off. The client said that's not fair to either of us and the scheduler said oh well that's what i said! I made several calls to the supervisor to leave messages and she never returned my calls. They never even offered to give me fill ins on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I have been asking for more hours since i started and they really never gave me any extra hours. By them taking my client away from me 2 days a week it left me getting about 10 hours a week or less and that was not enough money to take care of my 2 small kids. Plus i have a son that has infection from his teeth so i had missed a few days of work to be home taking care of him cause he has

been sick. I called to let them know he will be having surgery soon but we don't know the exact day yet and they acted like i was lieing to them. I missed a week of work because i had bronchitis and they didnt believe me about that either! I have nothing but problems from this job since day one and I felt like i had to quit to find a better job with more pay. I just cant afford to live off of the pay i get from 10 hours a week or less plus take care of my 2 and 3 year old babies. Please give me advice and let me know what i should do. I live in Missouri but not sure if i can get unemployment just to help me out until i can find another job.


There's nothing stopping anyone from filing a claim for unemployment benefits.

However, that's just a small part of what gets benefits when you make the choice to quit a job.

You will still have to prove you had good cause to quit.

What do you believe is the discrimination here?

And did you ever think of first trying to file a claim for partial benefits due to a reduction in work hours instead of quitting?

It's fulfilling the burden of proving good cause that gets benefits when you quit.

This is where I would insist we begin if you really want my help .. otherwise .. anything more is merely commiseration.

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