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Can I get unemployment if I am unableto preform my current position due to stress but I can preform another position within the company but they don't have one open for me?

I am currently employed with a company and I have been working a lot of hours. I am also under a lot of stress between so much being required of me at work and at home. I recently went to the doctors because I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown and the doctor ordered me to stay out of work for at least two weeks due to being a danger to myself or someone else. I took the note to my employer and I was told by the doctor to file for workers comp or short term disability. My employer says they do not offer short term disability and they don't believe its a work related issue. They also said they do not believe they have any other open position in the company I can preform. Would I be able to collect unemployment while I search for a company that has a open suitable job position for me?

Are you really going to let an employer stop you because they told you they don't believe your "condition" is work related when your doctor thinks it is?

What the heck .. why doesn't anyone believe me when I .. tried to so hard to warn everyone about the burden of proof attached to I QUIT?

Nobody is a special case .. it takes effort to quit and get unemployment benefits.

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