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Can I get unemployment when I move for a job and then get laid off?

by Ryan
(Denver, CO)

I quit my job in MN to take a better position in CO. I worked in CO for 5 months and was laid off due to revenue problems. I am now being denied unemployment because I didn't work the number of base quarters necessary. Can I collect unemployment in MN?

Chris's Response

Seems Colorado doesn't want to manage the payment of your Minnesota benefits

Maybe it's because the wages from job you were laid off aren't yet included in any quarter of your current claim's base period.

You can appeal that monetary determination and show evidence of your earnings back in Minnesota, or if you let the denial stand, you can file, or potentially reopen an existing claim in Minnesota.

MN will still want to know about the separation in Colorado because it is the cause of the most recent separation and that matters. But I'm not quite sure how this would all play out given you voluntarily quit a job in MN, to accept a better position in Colorado.

You need to look at the non-monetary chartbook table that compares VQ disqualifications state by state to find out whether there is a provision, or interpretive precedent in MN state law that allows for good cause to quit to accept another job.

See the UI comparison charts at the USDOL.

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