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Can I qualify for unemployment if husband gets a job in another state and we have to relocate?

by Jennifer
(Jacksonville, FL)

My husband just got offered a job in Ohio. I am currently working fulltime. Will I qualify for unemployment since we are going to have to leave Florida and I will have to leave my job?

Hi Jennifer,

The issue of whether quitting to follow a spouse is something the state of Florida would have to add to the current provision to make an exception which allows to "civilian spouses" in addition to the military spouses it now makes this allowance for.

The last time I checked, Florida only allowed benefits under certain circumstances for military spouses and they chose not to accept any stimulus fund to modernize their unemployment laws.

There is a link on the page which explains what it takes to quit a job in order to collect unemployment to a list of states that did modernize some laws .. and the specific of the changes in laws can be found there as well.

But as I said, Florida is not on the list.


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