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Can I quit due to developing carpal tunnel

by J.

I have been with my current job for 2 years. Few months after I started my wrist pain began, went to see a doctor and he advised me to wear wrist splints. Problem with wearing these it makes my job very difficult. Im a cable technician and have to constantly cut cable, strip cable, put on end fittings, and work with small parts. I have been trying to work with the splints but they prevent my from doing certain things so they have to come off to do things that attribute to my wrist pain. Would I be able to quit and collect unemployment?

Hi J.

If carpal tunnel is your problem and it is for millions of Americans .. I wouldn't quit until I filed a worker comp claim and exhausted all other remedies to avoid quitting first .. it's just that simple.

To be safe .. I also suggest you read Indiana's unemployment statues to make sure that the law that allows for a worker to quit and collect also requires that the illness or injury be attributable to the work and other requirements we may skip over because we assume too much.

Mind you, just to be safe:)

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