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Can my benefits be taken away in Florida if former employer comes back with irrelevant claims after the fact of my termination?

by Anonymous

I was recently terminated and am receiving ue benefits. I was notified that my former employer is appealing (not surprised). On the day the hearing was to take place, they rescheduled at the last minute claiming their "witnesses" were unavailable. There is nothing to witness to, Originally I was fired for what they claim to be job abandonment, which was unsubstantiated.

Now, they are appealing on b.s. claims that under Florida statutes do not constitute good reason. i know that they are fishing with these "witnesses" to come up with a bunch of crap. My real question is during the appeal hearing, will anything not directly having to do with their appeal claims even be considered?

Hi Anonymous,

What does the appeal letter say?

It's the issues listed on the hearing notice. Usually the issues are:

1. Did the claimant quit with or without good cause?

2. Was the claimant discharged with or without good cause?

Off the top of my head .. I can think of three states .. maybe four that the employer's or employee's initial response may cause a problem, with regard to the hearing and one state that requires and amended appeal prior to the hearing if the issue isn't appropriate.

Florida isn't one of them.

Go to the statutes and read the rules of procedures for administrative hearings.

If they are just "fishing" you shouldn't have anything to worry about .. right?

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