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can you collect if you quit due to spouse relocation?

by cajundee

My husband was laid off in January and we have been apart for 8 months so we could both have a job. Now He has a job in our home state, but we are 5 hours away. I have quit my job to join him, but haven't found a job yet. Can I collect unemployment?

Hi Cajundee,

Since I could only assume that the state you would be collecting from is Colorado .. that's the one I checked on.

Quitting to follow a spouse - Colorado (Be patient)

Many states either added or amended their current statutes in 2009 to receive a UI Modernization Payment and Colorado was one of them.

The approved applications and the text of the laws and/or changes made are located here.

If the state you are looking for isn't there, then all you need do is check the unemployment laws for any particular state to find out what or if a state law includes a provision for quitting to follow a spouse, but it's unlikely it will be "generous" if you don't find it at the first link because if a state did have a "generous provision" to allow a quit for personal compelling family reasons .. they would have used their current law to apply for the incentive payment. But as always, double-check for peace of mind.

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