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Make Suitable Career Choices

When you're unemployed and collecting benefits making wise career choices can take a back seat due to pure desperation to find a new job and regardless of whether you believe it's a suitable job for you.  

As millions of discouraged unemployed people discovered the job they accepted wasn't the least bit suitable to their prior earnings, experience, training, distance to work, or for the sake of their own health and safety, they still ended up being unable prove the work was unsuitable and therefore, the overpayment of benefits was allowed to stand given a general lack of proof it was unsuitable.

The United States Department of Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA) makes sure all employed and unemployed people have an abundance of  job hunting resources and career exploratory tools at our disposal.

The kicker is .. you have to use them with an open mind to the possibility they can help .. or at least point you in the right direction for your future.

There really is something for everyone to search ..

Out of the Box for Well Suited Career Choices 

I don't know what the  resources, tools and information, might help you to understand about yourself,  but they triggered in me, the inspiration to explore ideas about the alternative to being an employee .. which is to be self employed and in control of  myself .. no matter what I choose to do for a living.

Suffice it to say it was something I came across at O-Net that got my brain thinking out of the employment box I was stuck in, but I realized I would have to find a way, so I could build a website.  I practiced the "how", by writing about unemployment benefits!

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FAFSA  (Free Application For Student Aid)  Loans for training and college abound.    

Occupational Outlook Handbook    Who would know better than the Bureau of Labor Statistics where to look for jobs with high demand and low supply and in different occupational fields.

O*NET Online  Career choices can be molded to a labor market in need, or to what you heart tells you is the right thing to do.  O*Net Online .. breaks occupational fields down the variety of career paths you might follow.

My Next Move   If you're struggling with making a career choice, or just don't know what you want to do, then try the search tools, or the assessment questionnaire to discover what you might love to do for a living.  

Bright Outlook  I didn't name it, but who would want a career with a bright statistical outlook.   The green economy sector looks interesting.

AmericanJobCenter   This is a fairly new job search website.  It often leads to the old Careeronestop that is loaded with job search, job training and educational requirement information for those who might be thinking switching careers is best.  Ever wonder where to find those government benefits, entitlements and grants you might be eligible for with just one questionnaire?

Have something to say about these government websites, or making career choices? Email me. 

Unemployment and Going to School


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