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Cashing in Accrued Vacation Time Owed Before Benefits Can Be Paid?

I have an employee that is on lay off. He says that UE has told him he has to cash in his accrued vacation time that was accreud over the last year to this.

I have never heard of this practice being done.

Is this a misunderstanding on his part, or on mine.

In the past 11 years I have not heard of this practice.

I know if a guy cashes in his vacation time he has to declare it to UE and then not be eligible for benefits for that time.

I just have never heard of UE making a guy cash in his vac time.

How would UE know when a guy becomes eligible for his vacation time anyway?

I also know if a guy does cash in his accrued time and does not report it he will have to pay that weeks UE that he drew, back. this has happened before.

Which state unemployment benefits are we trying to discuss?

I'd be more than happy to check the state comparison charts with regard to vacation pay being considered wages and therefore, deductible income for purposes of collecting.

Other than this, all good questions you're asking and I've never heard of an unemployment department insisting an employer must pay accrued vacation time either .. as paid vacation time is not mandated by law to be an employees right.


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