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by Nancy

My former employer {Fl} wealthy Wall St. family, let me go because "we are out of money".

I was told, call my son when employer refused to pay me for weeks work. I did just that very nicely, his response "we are out of money, I am on vacation trying to enjoy myself, I do not know what to tell you" then I heard click.

I'd injured myself that day before I got the bad news, employers response "oh that's no big deal".

I fell on dog urine, knocked out my front tooth,, hit my head so hard I saw stars. Question, I have yet to get UE because she has also not paid the IRS in 8 years, she just "did not feel like it", is their a correlation between IRS and DEO?

I am sinking rapidly, toothless I do not know what to do.

Although I'm not accepting new questions Nancy, your story of course, peaked my interest ..

And against my better judgement, because I still don't know enough details to explain squat about what I would do about getting unemployment, if in your place .. I bit.

If she didn't pay IRS, I'm wondering if you mean taxes owed by the company for the company, or the taxes they were withholding from your paychecks.

If the latter, then the question for me would become whether the employer had bothered to report, your wages to the state of Florida and bothered paying unemployment tax on those wages, or if they are required by law to pay UI taxes.

Love to help you understand the unemployment problem Nancy,
but I need more information to confirm my first suspicion that you're still waiting for the monetary determination which is based on wages paid.

It's ironic to me, that when the term unemployment fraud comes up people tend to assume first, that it's always the claimant of benefits responsible and have no clue about the millions lost to employer unemployment fraud.

But looking at the unemployment overpayment chartbook, which details the penalty and recovery provisions for unemployment fraud, there it is, right next to the column with the fines and penalties for claimants found guilty of fraud .. what they charge employers .. and if you look to the right .. you'll find the maximum prison sentence some states can impose.

And one more thing, if that dog urine causing you to fall and knock your teeth our was on the employer's premises, that should be covered under a worker's compensation claim.

Unemployment benefits of course should be yours to collect for a legitimate lack of work claim, unless your employment for the wealthy Wall St. family isn't considered covered employment under the FUTA ..


FUTA applies to any employer who, during any calendar quarter in the current or preceding calendar year, paid wages in cash of $1,000 or more for domestic service in a private home, local
college club, or local chapter of a college fraternity or sorority. As a result, all states cover such domestic service. The following table includes the provisions for states that do not utilize the FUTA provisions

You'll have to go to the unemployment coverage chartbook to see the table.


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