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Divorce and custody

by Paolo
(Rhode island)

I am getting divorced and I am getting the custody of my 3 kids. I have no help in this state, but my family lives in another state and I have to quit my job and move to start all over.

My question and concern is if I will be able to collect unemployment to help somehow, till I get a new job.

I have never collected before and I don't know what to do?

Hi Paolo,

Although it would be difficult for someone to say you don't have good personal cause to quit, right now, I do not detect anything resembling good personal cause to quit standing up to Rhode Island unemployment law to collect benefits, at least not according to the non-monetary unemployment law comparison chart for 2013 at the USDOL.

The problem for people quitting and filing UI claims is they don't focus on the burden of proving good cause to the law before they quit and when they are denied, or their employer appeal benefits when allowed, most employees are unable to sustain the burden of quitting the job. Not to mention, those with good cause per the law, don't know what is meant or required to legally sustain anything.

In your case, I don't have enough "details" to evaluate whether there is something within the general description of why you feel you need to quit that could be expanded upon and made to rise up and meet your burden to quit a job per Rhode Island's UI laws.

You need to explore the non-monetary comparison chart. It includes RI and every other state.

Then, if you notice something there you want to ask me a question about, come back and leave a comment.

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