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Employer mad about me filing for partial unemployment benefits

So I went from 80 hrs/mo (2 shifts/wk) to 40 hrs (4 shifts/mo). I'm a bartender in the state of Maryland and have two jobs. It all started because I had to train a new bartender and she wanted half of my tips... After I said no, my boss reduced my hours ^^ and told me in a text that the reason being was that I was not a 'team-player.' However, he told my coworkers that he was punishing me. I've been looking for work but today one of my bosses confronted me. She was very mean and now I think they will fire me. Is this a protected exception from the Mercer law in my state? Thank you

Mercer Law?

I have no idea what Mercer law is, but when did a google search, it seemed to be a law school.

However, if you're the same person who left the comment about reduced hours in Maryland, here's how I answered you there.


I don't know of any employee right law that says it's illegal to fire someone because they filed for partial unemployment benefits, but then again, that would not be the reason for an employer with any clue whatsoever as the cause when they respond to the DLLR if you are fired.

So .. first, watch yourself and don't violate the rules, standards of behavior and whatever else this employer might have the right to expect of you as an employee. ( I added this last part to what I had to say before).

And know if they do fire you, no matter what reason they tell the unemployment department you were fired for, it would be the employer who must then prove it was for misconduct.

Which is a good thing .. rather than you being assigned the burden to prove good cause for voluntarily quitting .. which employers often try to force people into when the employee quits impulsively and without any proof of good cause.

Irate .. too bad. It's just how unemployment benefits can work if someone working full-time becomes partially unemployed through no fault of their own and begins making so little, a states partial unemployment formula kicks in and results in some sort of reduced unemployment benefit plus their new part-time wage that equal just a little bit more than what a weekly benefit would be if they become totally unemployed .. through no fault of their own!


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