Why No List Of Good Reasons To Quit Your Job

Good reasons to quit your job are abundant ... BUT ..

The list of reasons to quit and get unemployment is short .. very short, at least if you think like the unemployment department.

You will have either quit for ...

  • Reasons attributable to the employment

  • .... or

  • You will have quit for personal reasons, provided for in your state's unemployment statutes.

The Reasons To Quit And Collect Unemployment Depend On The Circumstances

The reason there is not a definitive list of reasons to quit and collect unemployment is because unemployment is not created equally from state to state AND good cause to quit a job isn't defined as "misconduct" for being fired is defined.

You could take the standard definition of misconduct and simply reverse engineer it .. meaning that "attributable to the employment" means employer misconduct.

Everyone would like unemployment to be black and white, but when someone quits or when someone is fired it is a fluid event influenced by the actions of the wild card - human beings.

Unemployment For Personal Reasons. A state may provide a provision or exception to the usual rule of denying benefits for quitting for strictly personal reasons.

But even when they do .. there is this "additional barrier" to overcome.

It all has to do with the fact that the "party the ends the employment" has the "burden of proof" or they must "prove there was "good cause" for ending the employment.

Even good reasons to quit your job and collect unemployment must be proven good reasons.

It is fulfilling this burden that most people have trouble with, not because they couldn't have proven it .. but because they weren't aware of the seriousness of the implication nor the extent they must go to in order to "prove the burden" .. if they knew this at all.

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