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Had no choice but to move, employer trying to block my benefits

by Tara
(Bradenton, Florida USA)

We lived in Fort Lauderdale for 2 years. I was employed at **employer name deleted**. My family and I had a series of events that cost us all our savings. We lost our home and were living in a motorhome at the county park. My partner was offered work back in our hometown, and a family friend offered to let us park our motorhome in his backyard for a very small fee so we could save money to get back on our feet.

I explained the situation to **employer name deleted**, and gave them notice. They use the company Workforce Business Services, which just happens to be located in our hometown, Bradenton FL. I was denied UE benefits, and appealed.

My hearing is set for 3/25/2015. Of course the employer is listed as Workforce Business Services, not **employer name deleted**, which is 300+ miles away. I need this money so I need to win the appeal. Any suggestions?

Chris Response

No, I do not have any suggestions for you to win this appeal because it's Florida and you cannot attribute your voluntary quit to the employer for the reasons you stated you quit your job.

And the fact the employer is trying to block your benefits only raises a question for me .. who had to appeal the initial determination
to a hearing .. if you told the FL dept the same facts you told me .. I suspect you are the appellant.

The basic problem is your reason, quitting to move, can't be made to fly in Florida, unless it is within your power to prove quitting was somehow attributable to the employer. You told me you're moving due to personal financial difficulties having nothing to do with the work, or the employer. And you didn't mention being married to a military spouse .. to bring into consideration .. the FL exception provision for those married to military members.

Florida does have a provision with an exception to the basic rule of attribution to the work, or employer .. except it is helpful only for spouses of military members.

This is not the first time I've answered a very similar question about quitting a job in Florida, or moving due to personal financial hardship .. a good personal reason, but simply not attributable to the employer who pays for those benefits.

This was the first time anyone mentioned a Florida cost control company in place of their employer's name called, Workforce Business Services.

It's a pretty catchy name for a private business, considering it sounds a lot like unemployment departments that calls the re-employment half of unemployment .. Workforce Centers.


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