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Hostile boss, demoted, denied transer, in middle of my 2 weeks am i eligible?

by Mitch

I live in illinois.

I have a very hostile boss who uses intimidation as his method of running the store, i was one of 2 assistant managers. Very recently he decided to demote me even tho what i am in charge of is among the top 3 of 7 stores in our market week to week. Due to the fact i would now be under people i was formerly in charge of and the stress of this specific store has been effecting my personal life i asked for a transfer to another store and was denied. I can no longer handle working in this store especially at reduced pay and reduced hours.
Because of the demotion and denial for a transfer i have put in my 2 weeks notice.

Will i be eligible for unemployment?

Hi Mitch,

I simply can't answer yes or no to a question of whether you will or will not. I can only say that I think you should be if you can prove you had good cause.

Being demoted, having hours and pay reduced, being denied a transfer all have possibilities for showing good cause, but let's not forget that unemployment decisions are never one-sided.

The state is required to gather information from both sides and then make the decision.

Here's what I suggest you do.

Check out the IDES Adjudication Digest.

If after reading some decisions that are similar to your situation .. and you need some help contact me.

And Mitch, before you start reading the decisions .. read this This is especially important for people that quit.

You are the moving party and the burden to prove good cause is yours and yours alone.


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