Good Cause To Collect Unemployment Benefits Is NOT A List Of Reasons!!

Good Cause to get unemployment benefits or even to deny benefits seems to be a mystery. Why are you looking for a list of reason to get unemployment benefits when the decision will be in the details .. or the lack of details you and the employer provide.

I'm certain the term is in every set of state unemployment laws.

The Definition of Good Cause

Here is a legal definition for good cause.

Unemployment laws vary in their specificity, but generally, the information that explains what good cause is or what it isn't is hidden from view unless you know where to look.

The laws are the laws but unemployment case decisions help us to understand what the laws mean and what has been good cause for other and how they proved it .. and how they failed to prove it.

We can all think of an example of a failure to fulfill a burden to prove good cause is .. or that you are the one telling the truth.

We know when we have good cause to reprimand our children, but how many of us have reprimanded a child despite their pleas of innocence only to find out later that there was proof of their innocence.

It too late now to take back the penalty we imposed, but if we care, we might take the child aside .. tell him we're sorry for not believing him and help him to understand that if something like this happens again that he should not just scream "I didn't do it", but calmly tell you how you can check that he is telling the truth.

This is a common scenario for many unemployment claimants. You get emotional at the hearing and only after you experience what they are looking for with the questions they ask, learn that you should have thought it all through in preparation for the event.

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