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How do I go about filing an appeal that says I quit a job because it was not "suitable" work?

I've been collection unemployment since Nov 2008 to Dec 2008.I had applied for a job delivering the yellow pages located 1 hr from house.I only made $53 delivering the pages for 3 days.It was putting a toll on my car.I had quit the job due to that reason.Upon claiming my weeks I forgot to report that I worked for that those 3 days.Unemployment suspended my benefits and told me it will be under adjucation.I had faxed in the paper work explaining the situation.I received a letter in the mail saying that The reason for quitting was not attributable to the employer.The crazy thing about this, the employer told me that the facility will close down on Feb 2009.I started working there on Jan 2010 which is only one month.I don't feel they should have denied me since my employer was shutting down the facilty anyways.What can I do to get my unemployment reinstated?


The only thing you've got going for you is that you quit because the work was not suitable.

Florida does not provide precedent decisions which would help you understand better, the things that might be valid arguments. You only have what is contained in the statutes and I believe some reference to a something the department has been charged with developing to help them make the decisions.

Beyond that you might conduct some internet searches for "Florida unemployment decisions + suitable work".

But please remember, the appeal letter doesn't have to lay everything out .. you will have to do that at the hearing.

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