How Long Can I Collect Unemloyment Insurance Benefits?

How long can I collect .. a reasonable beginning question. If you know you will be laid off or you are anticipating the end of a job for any other qualifying reason to collect unemployment. It is an insightful and prepared person that asks this question. Knowing the answer allows you the ability to make plans and take action to manage your debt now in an intelligent way by possibly looking into debt consolidation for student loan debt, credit card debt or other types of dept assistance .. and the list goes on.

So, let's begin by opening the Monetary Eligibility chartbook located at the USDOL/ETA (This opens in a new window.) Once you've arrived click the current year, then Monetary Eligibility and go to page 21 .. lower half.

The search term for finding out how long you can receive unemployment is "Duration of unemployment benefits".

Now, I'll just give you some basic information.

If you have been employed regularly for the last 18 months, the most common length of time that you can draw unemployment is 26 weeks of "total unemployment". 26 weeks just happens to be exactly two quarters .. or six months.

If you need information on extensions .. go to your state's website. We are experiencing unprecedented unemployment extensions and I am not an authority on how they work.

This might be a good time to discuss "unemployment pay".

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