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I cant get through to WI UI to get an answer!

by Amy
(Milwaukee, WI)

I was terminated after 18 months with the reason "it is just not the right fit". This was a $45,000* a year legal assistant position. HR told me that they would not fight unemployment and I would have 3 weeks severance. I asked for more of an explanation as to why I was being let go as the lawyers I reported to never had approached me in 18 months about unsatisfactory work product. In fact, In the last two months I got daily compliments! Age discrimanation--perhaps (I was 59 when it happened)--but you can't fight a law firm!

So I started (and continue to) search for a new position like a crazy woman. I actually reply to every posting I can find for legal (which are not many), and I also apply to other Admin. Assistant positions. I would have had a full time position, however, it had no benefits (too small a firm). Benefits are what I need more than anything. My husband is retiried and diabetic and cannot get independent insurance in Wisconsin. We are on reduced COBRA at the moment. I went on unemployment after severance ran out (early November), temped a 3 week position in December and then saw a job for an airlines as a reservation agent. I applied and started 8 days ago. I reported the 40 hours to UI (and, of course, did not expect a benefit this week).

Here is my quandary. This job pays less than half of what I was making, but I thought--well it has
great benefits--especially medical. Unfortunately, I can tell you after 8 days that this is just not for me! I feel totally out of my element here. If I were to quit, can I resume UI, or will it send up a red flag and I will lose them? I don't know what to do here. I think I should have thought this through better before I did it. After training in a few weeks, I could be on a second or third shift, and will definitely be working weekends. I have a minimum of 6 years to work yet, and I just don't think I can stay here.

Someone please advise!


Hi Amy,

Well, you're right. Quitting will send up a big red flag.

Unemployment is always determined on the most recent work separated from .. even for a claim based on employment you were found eligible to receive benefits.

The issue would either be voluntarily leaving or refusal of suitable work.

So the question is what WI considers suitable work. You have the statutes to look at.

But Wisconsin also has a precedent decision digest online .. which is a huge benefit itself .. at least in my opinion (except for the font they're using now).

"Suitable work" is usually determined based on past experience and training, earnings, distance to the work, and some other criteria, fortunately you do live in Wisconsin who tends to be very claimant friendly and has some special provisions dealing with suitable work.

I'm moving your submission to quitting.


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