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I live in Michigan, work in Texas just had hours and pay reduced. Where do I file for benefits?

by Anonymous
(Texas - Michigan)

I currently live in Michigan but I work in Texas, now my job has stopped paying our per diem, and stopped our over time. I no longer make enough money to support myself here in Texas and my family at home in Michigan. Can I quit my job and qualify for unemployment? and if so which state do I file in?

Hi Anonymous,

It would be a quit attributable to the work, which is important if you quit.

But you have to determine if the reduction in pay and hours is enough for good cause.

Do some research and you might feel more confident about any decision you make.

Here's some resources (for Texas UI) since that's where you're working.

And don't forget to check what they tell employers...sometimes the info is more informative.

If, after doing your research, you have any questions about what you found regarding the amount the hours and pay being reduced that may afford a substantial enough change to the conditions of hire, that would cause a reasonable person under similar circumstances good cause to quit .. let me know.

States have differing precedent unemployment opinions that basically, draw lines in the sand with regard to what's substantial.

So, this is why you should research the cause .. to know if you can argue to the law it is good cause for quitting.


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