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I need help with question concerning an appeal that my former employer has against me in florida

by Joshua
(Jacksonville Florida)

I got fired in florida for some he said she said stuff saying that I droped the F bomb witch I never did so I claimed unemployment and recieved my first two weeks pay when I claimed my next two weeks they told me that my former employer was appealing it saying that I was fired but I never did anything and I was never written up I worked for this company for 3 years and was never written up or anything so should I get a lawyer for my hearing or is it just a waste of time becuase florida is an at will state please I would love any advice my bills are pileing up

Hi Joshua,

Have you read this information here?

Did you read the information I offer about appeals?

I cannot make the judgment whether it would be a waste of your time .. I'd have to ask you some questions. As would an attorney.

Employment is "at will" in every state .. Montana is the only state that might be a little different.

If you didn't drop the f bomb .. yes, you should appeal.

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