Getting Fired for Misconduct Connected to a Job

I think most would agree, getting fired is rarely fun, either for those on the giving, or receiving end .. no matter the reason.  

But when you're feeling hurt, angered, shocked, or guilty about why, you were fired, it's feeling guilty, or second guessing what you could of done differently to avoid being fired, that can keep you from being objective to not suggest to an unemployment claim interviewer a reason they can interpret to be a reason to deny unemployment benefits due to work misconduct.  

I know people who get fired aren't always guilty of work misconduct, because I used to spend much of my day seeking out and talking to the direct witness with first hand knowledge about the cause for a particular discharge .. just to improve the a company's odds it could meet the burden of willful work related misconduct and not all witnesses for an employer think the employee should have been fired .. and some just didn't lie so well, at least to convince me they would make a credible witness. 

Regardless of how you feel about you being fired ..  it's your guilt of misconduct, in question when unemployment claim departments seek to resolve a discharge, or a voluntary quit issue at the initial claim stage.  

Initially, all non-monetary  separation eligibility determinations are based upon the available information and what's initially available isn't always enough to slam the door on benefits if an unemployment appeal is filed.

Available information of course, does comes from YOU as well as the employer, or maybe the employer's unemployment claim management vendor who may respond in generic term for it's clients .. which is employers of all sizes and ilks.  

If you, or an employer don't like an initial determination .. it's a simple matter to file an unemployment appeal .. and employers often have to appeal .. because they often don't provide sufficient available  information, at least at the initial claim stage.. 

When getting fired a lot of people also think the initial monetary determination explaining how much your weekly benefit amount should be, means they will receive unemployment, but in reality, that may be the first sign you're falling prey to wishful thinking .. instead of wrapping your head around how to prepare a relevant rebuttal argument to your guilt of misconduct.

So, let's begin with the first and most often quoted objective description/definition of work misconduct, to see what the burden you're up against .. reads like.

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