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I want to quit a job and go back on unemployment.

by Brenda

I want to quit my job I have been there since 10-11-10 it is a nursing facility and my boss is terrible i held a door open for resident and she said dont do that they were in a wheel chair, she will not allow any of us to talk there are 3 of us in the room, she expects me to know what i am doing please know I have never been in healthcare and informed her of this when i started. called me to her office to put a pc of mail in shredder and said when she calls me to come faster there is way way more but I want to know if I can quit and go back to my unemployment so I can find another job. this one has ne walking on eggshells.


I'm sorry, but you have told me nothing that would remove any of the basic things you need to know about quitting a job.

The burden is yours, it takes effort to gain the ability to PROVE good cause for quitting "ATTRIBUTABLE TO THE EMPLOYMENT".

If she is just demanding and disrespectful to you .. I do not know what to tell you except that you must counter document.

There must be someone over her head though because the wheelchair and the not talking raise a couple legitimate issue that should be addressed.

The wheelchair incident is obvious .. the no talking rule is nonsensical to me if you're new to the job and they are supposed to be training you.

As far as the job now being unsuitable to your prior experience and training .. you missed that boat when you accepted the job .. maybe even when you applied for the job .. since I'm sure you knew it was in "healthcare".

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