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I was fired for talking to HR during work hours and mistakes.

I was being micro managed. No matter what I did or what I said was never good enough. I was told that when my review came up I was going to be taken out of my position. I made a few mistakes on the job that week, which my manager jumped all over. I was told that I was going to lose my position. I called HR very upset. spoke to them for about 15 minutes. after that I worked at my desk most of the day and walked around a bit to make sure everything was running well. Went home. Next day spoke to HR during scheduled appt. I had with them on the phone for about 1/2 hour which was my lunch. I then was ask to open the safe for change, I did. Then I was ask to get change at the bank I did and called the office while I was out to tell them I was going to pick up a mat and a few other things for the office that we needed. I was ask to pick these items up at a previouse meeting i had with my manager.

my manger is telling unemployment that I did not work the last todays before I was fired. She said I locked the door and was on the phone all day. This is not true!
She also said I was rude to customers, I was not rude.
It is her word against mine.

Which state please.

Sounds like might be the unlucky recipient of what may be retaliation .. If you had been given time and HR did nothing, would you of filed an EEOC complaint or something similar?

Regardless, you need to file for unemployment benefits if you haven't already, and if it goes to an appeal hearing .. make sure you contact me and get a referra. to an unemployment hearing rep that would probably take pleasure in taking care of that she said .. he or she said situation.

And it would be nice to know the name of the state to make sure I can refer you to a UI appeal rep in the event of an unemployment hearing .. (Please God, don't let this person wait until the board appeal to reach out!)

And of course the possibility I may know someone to help you with an EEOC complaint .. which I would of already filed after determining what protected class I could logically relate to the reason my boss treated me like crap.

Hopefully, someday when unemployed claimants stop waiting for the last dying moment to get help .. I'll catch them with this other website if I ever get a break from explaining why you MUST win the first appeal hearing.

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