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I was unable to produce enough urine for random drug test

i was called in today for a random drug screen. i had told them that i literally just got done using the restroom.. they said i could drink 2 bottles of water and had three hours to comply but had to stay in room til was able to pee. i had the water plus 3 cups of black coffee. still after three attempts could not pee.

If I do get fired can i still get unemployment benefits since i did not refuse, and also if i get doctor to confirm i have bad anxiety and have not been taking meds for that for a year or so.


First, the reason you are fired for, should in fact, matter more to an employer since that reason actually need to stand up to the tests of being misconduct, but only if they want to meet their burden of proving you were guilty of misconduct.

Sp. let's try to be more specific about why they would fire you .. if things went down just like you said.

According to you, they might try to say you are being fired for insubordination (refusing to take the UA), but you are telling me you were not physically able to complete the random UA, despite your best efforts to complete it.

Here's my problem with your version of this story .. and I'm relying on
that fictional character mentioned all the time in UI hearing decisiions, the reasonable person.

If I were that reasonable person dealing with a similar situation, and I had drank two bottles of water and three cups of coffee over the course of one, two, or three hours, but could still not produce enough pee for the random UA, I don't think I would jump to find an excuse worthy of rebutting insubordination, that relies on my doctor providing me with a note/documentation to explain the phenomenon of not being able to pee, as due to an anxiety disorder, I am no longer take prescribed medication for .. unless that combination of facts somehow medically explains why I physically have trouble urinating, even after drinking .. how many ounces of liquid over the course of three hours.

To me, a reasonable person might first think the best workable solution to this problem with a job, would begin by going into work tomorrow and explaining to the powers that be in written form (because I'm know to think ahead.. in case reason doesn't work), what happened yesterday. And that I apologize for the inconvenience to the employer, but I'm currently ready willing and able to complete the random UA.. since I know for a fact, having illicit, or medically prescribed medications in my system would not show up in the UA's results.


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