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i work parttime and my back/hip pain has increased by being on my feet allday. Am I eligible for either unemployment or disability if I quit?

I am retired and work part time in golf shop in florida. my hip condition has been untreatable for 3 years despite a great many diagnostic attempts with a continued history of visiting doctors in all related fields. No concrete cause for the pain has been diagnosed so therefore no treatment has been successful to date. Am I eligible to collect unemployment or perhaps disability if I choose to quit my job? I do not qualify for any other paid job at the golf course that would not require me to perform labor which would cause pain. What if I was fired for decreased performance of duty?


Has any doctor restricted you to work off your feet?

It sounds like you may have told the employer about your condition, but of course you may be assuming they don't have any other position to offer.

Quitting without a medical recommendation to restrict or even to find work entirely off your feet is not something I would advise.

Remember, that even with a medical recommendation, you need to then take it to the employer and allow them the opportunity to find a suitable position .. a failure to do so would be a quit without good cause attributable to the employer. If they come back and say they have nothing for you .. that's when you quit .. because the employer cannot accommodate the medical restriction therefore the quit does become attributable to the work.

As far as disability you would need to have a diagnosed condition and lots of medical documentation to even hope to get disability. It is a very long process.

If you are fired for decreasing performance .. again, you need to be able support that it was due to a physical limitation of which you did make the employer aware. And you need to be able to prove you made the employer aware.

I cannot stress enough the importance to:

Document so that you are able to prove good cause.

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