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If fired and denied unemployment due to revoked drivers license, are there circumstances that will get you an appeal and even win it?

by Margaux
(Greenville NC)

My driver's licence was revoked and I was fired for this reason. Before I write a novel of my circumstances, is there anyway to appeal for this reason? I will state it was for not paying a speeding ticket off. I will also add I did a lot of traveling for work and tickets obtained while working.

Hi Marguax,

An appeal is easy to file .. it doesn't even need a leg or two to stand on to request a lower level unemployment appeal and have the matter put on the docket by NC's unemployment appeal section.

However, if you're wondering whether your appeal might be successful, the details that would matter most and possibly aid someone to help you would be in the novel .. and not necessarily the one you'd write.

For instance, if you were a truck driver (a professional driver) your CDL is necessary to the job and getting ticket(s) while performing your job .. wouldn't say much about how well you did your job .. neither would, not paying the fine for a speeding ticket you received if yo7u knew it would save your license .. especially if driving is integral to a job .. you have to be responsible for maintaining your license.

Additionally, it might matter how your employer came to learn you'd lost your license .. or whether you were required by an employer rule to inform your employer of all tickets received while driving for work.

I handled plenty of appeals that the real cause for the job loss wasn't losing the license .. but keeping it a secret from the employer in direct violation of a company rule .. having to do with their auto insurance coverage.

There is just no other way to say it to anyone that asks these questions about appeals but, the DETAILS MATTER if you truly want to discuss the possibility or the waste of effort an appeal without merits is.

You might also talk one on one to a North Carolina Unemployment Appeal Rep so they can evaluate your case and write your appeal letter if they think it can be won.

I know they want enough of the details that actually matter before they will ever accept a case because they think it has merits to work with.


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