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If I have to move out of state because my fiance got a job, can I collect unemployment if I must leave my job?

by Rochelle
(Las Vegas)

I have worked at my job for a year and a half. Boss keeps saying we might go out of business and to look for a new job. My fiance got a job offer out of state. I would have to quit my job and do not have one in the new location so would need to collect $$

Hi Rochelle,

Normally I would send you to Nevada's "appeal information" page, but the link on their site is not working anymore .. so I suggest you check the Nevada unemployment statute for voluntary quitting

I do know that Nevada may allow benefits for a VQ for following a spouse if you can prove a compelling reason that the quit was unavoidable, but what I'm not sure of is whether this would also apply to those that are still engaged to be married.

The language of a statute is important .. Other states include relationships where the marriage is imminent or they include language to include "civil union partners" .. etc.

Just be sure your relationship as it exists at the time of the quit is subject to the provision that would make it possible .. and do not fail to be able to prove that you sought all reasonable alternatives to quitting .. like possibly asking for a transfer .. even if you think it is unlikely.

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