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If my job began in Arizona and after the season employer moves to homebase 600 miles away, in the state of California, what are my rights concerning required travel?

by Pete Sanchez
(Yuma, AZ)

Hired and began work in Yuma, AZ about 11/2013. In April, the employer moved to a facility 600 miles away, in California. What are my rights after A Voluntary quit over how far I must travel before its considered without good cause being that they moved to another state, so far away?

Are you saying you quit because the employer substantially changed the terms and conditions of hire as related to you from the time when you accepted the job thinking it would always be in the vicinity of Yuma?

Two words concern me. Temporary and Season.

When they moved their facility to California your only option for continuing employment with this employer was to relocate to California?

Can you quote to me, if you were denied, the reason the State of Arizona ..or California gave for the denial?

Generally, even in Arizona UI laws, or any state would interpret six hundred miles to work as a substantial change if that was your only option to preserve the employment.

However, what those specific terms and conditions upon which you made the decision to accept the job are also relevant.

Arizona's Administrative Code may also shed more light on your denial issue.

If you were denied, I would definitely say an appeal is in order to just preserve your right to appeal, but that you left this question under temp work raises additional questions about that type of work and a temporary worker provision in Arizona.

See Table 5-7 for states with Temp Worker provisions.

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