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In California, I was told I would get a guarantee of 30 hrs. a week, but now I am getting 16.

by Joe

I was working for a company in sales full time and made the decision to go back to school. My District Manager offered me a part time position, no sells, with a guarantee of 30 hrs. per week. With the approval of his manager I started the new position. Within a month and a half the manager of the store reduced my hours to 20 and then 16. Every week I would ask him for more hours, but he would tell me if I wanted more hours I needed to sell. That was not the agreement I had made with his boss, but to be fair to the chain of command I continued to ask for more hours. While this was going on he was hiring more people to do the same job I was requesting more hours to do. It came to a head when my manager told me that he was the boss, if I didn't like it there was the door. I decided to go back to my district manager in person and he told me he would take care of it. One personal meeting, 4 phone calls, and over 3 weeks later nothing was done. I had offered to switch positions, work over nights, transfer, and even work to different stores, but nothing happened. My immediate manager then made two false claims in the attempt to fire me. It looked as if he didn't like that I went to his boss and he was trying to find a way to get rid of me. I chose to resign my position on the basis that they didn't live up to our agreement on hours and a hostile work environment because my boss was making claims against me. I quit before a formal investigation took place. I knew I would be innocent of the claims, but I felt I could no longer work for the company in light of the circumstances.

Do I have a compelling case for unemployment in CA? What should I do? Thanks.

Hi Joe,

I don't know Joe. It may be a compelling personal reason to quit, but nothing you wrote told me how you will sustain your burden to prove it was good cause to quit. Telling and proving are two different things.

I think ou should read the CA Benefit Determination Guide.

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