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Is quitting your job to go back to school full time a good reason?

by Mark
(New Jersey)


I live in New Jersey and work full time for an employer who back in February made a verbal agreement with me that I can work 3 Days a week and get paid for full time work and take two days a week to attend School Full time. HOwever, once that boss was fired due to cutbacks at the company, the new boss did not like this agreement and took the offer away from me.

IF I quit in August to attend School Full time again starting in September, will this be considered a good reason for quitting? I am technically seeking employment since I looking to better myself and seek a better paying job.

Can anyone help?

Hi Mark,

Right now, I can tell you that quitting to attend college full-time will disqualify you from receiving unemployment.

There are little variances in how each state may approach and decide the issue of quitting to attend school so I'm going to refer you to this page. It has a link to the state by state treatment of students and unemployment benefits.

If you click the resource link on that page, you'll see why you won't be getting unemployment benefits.

Attending school full-time is not disqualifying in every state, but NJ actually requires that to collect unemployment while attending school .. that your qualifying wages must have been earned while attending school and they do disqualify for quitting to attend school unless it is "state approved training".

Attending school almost always raises the issue of whether you are able and available for work.

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