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Is There Partial Unemployment Benefits for Loss of hours due to pregnancy

(Bainbridge Island, WA)

I've slowly been getting fewer hours at my job due to my pregnancy. I just saw my schedule for the next two weeks. i only get sixteen hours a week, broken over two days, Sunday and Thursday. My normal schedule up until now has been 35'ish hours a week. Can i receive help through unemployment?

Chris's Response

It's possible that you may be able to receive partial unemployment, since 35ish hours per week would be considered full-time.

But whether you do get a partial benefit amount or not, depends on Washington's partial unemployment formula for calculating the reduction in benefits each and every week you claim, from the amount you would receive if totally unemployed from this job.

And just to be sure you know, I assumed your pregnancy has not created medical problems that might first make your employment subject to the need for Intermittent FMLA, or some need for a work accommodation because of a medical condition related to your preganancy, such as lifting, standing, or sitting, or (potentially any health issue first related to an employee rights under the FMLA) that has presented the cause for the reduction in hours.

You need to find Washington State's Partial Benefit Formula. It's the link identified as the monetary chartbook. Have a calculator handy.

All the best,


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