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let go upon end of maternity leave

I am in Florida. Have been with my current employer (which I believe has around 100 employees, no less than 50 for sure) for 6 years and am nearing the end of my 12 weeks off on an unpaid maternity leave. Before the pregnancy I worked full time. During my pregnancy I went part time, and continued to work part time until the day I delivered. I have told work that I will be back on the date that my 12 weeks is up, part time. But they are telling me that I can only come back if I will work full time. If they let me go on these grounds, do I qualify for unemployment?

Probably not. I am assuming of course that you went part-time due to some sort of medical problem with the pregnancy.

If this isn't a correct assumption .. you might want to talk to me about what the circumstances were in actuality for going part-time and you might also want to check your state's unemployment laws for possible consequences of "limiting your availability" to work to part-time.

Because regardless of whether the reasons for separation might be qualifying or not .. limiting your availability to work can create an able and available condition which would prevent you from collecting benefits.

If your plan is to refuse the full-time work so you can stay home and bond .. that would most likely be seen as a "refusal of work" or in other words .. a voluntary quit without good cause.

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