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Lived in Atlanta, Ga worked in Jacksonville, Fl and quit.

by Richard B
(Atlanta, Ga)

I was drawing Georgia UI and I recieved an offer to come to Jacksonville, Fl (at my own expense) for a 160 hour contract through a temp agency in Florida. I am a software developer and the pay would be more money than UI was paying (after estimated expenses). After completeing the 160 hours, they said they had more work if I wanted. I agreed and 6 months later they still had more work. The job had started at 40 hours a week and had gone to 'as many as you can work' (undocumented and never said by a supervisor) but was known. Contractors that lived in the Jacksonville area were averaging 60 to 70 hours a week. To do that I was leaving Atlanta at 10:00am Sunday morning to Jacksonville (400+miles), working a few hours on Sunday, 11 or 12 hours a day Monday thru Friday, leaving on Friday and getting home on Sat morning around 1. Then washing my clothes and preparing to leave again on Sunday. I am 54 have a wife an 11 eleven year old son that I have barley seen them in 6 months. Couldn't take it anymore one day and got and drove home. This could have gone on forever, I was not going to get laid off or get fired, I own a home that I could not sell.

Is there anything in the law that can help me get UI under these conditions.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Richard,

Well, we're talking about Georgia and Florida .. they don't like to make it easy to find the information that would help someone prepare with a brain.

I have concerns for you .. because before you quit you should have tried to reduce the schedule or done something to shift the reason so it could be attributable to the work, but we gotta do, what we gotta do.

Start with GA 34-8-194 3B it's the section on suitable work.

The only other place I know of that might help you get a bead on this is

It's an online legal research tool and if I could afford a monthly subscription .. I'd be all over it because it's a very intuitive research tool.

The reason I even tell people about it though is because they offer a 24 hour free trial .. I've already used mine:)

When I did do it .. they were allowing me to email the decisions to myself .. which was a very nice feature.

By the way, you'll be looking for Georgia or Florida unemployment decision having to do with voluntarily quitting or leaving and suitable work .. or refusal of suitable work.

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