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Miserable, Unhappy and Not Getting Anywhere In My Job - I Want to Be a Nurse

by lashaka

I'm looking for a career that I'd love doing, like nursing and it seems like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Being miserable, unhappy, and stuck not getting anywhere in a job is NOT good cause to quit and collect unemployment.

If you want a career in nursing .. get to work on attaining it.

If you don't know where to start, maybe you can take your first step by availing yourself to some of free information about what it's going to take from you to get unstuck and finally become the nurse you wish you were.

Here is quite a number of free career tools and resources I personally thought offered me a lot of usable information to form some ideas about what I could finally be at the ripe old age of 51.

Sometimes when I yell HELP ME around the house .. my husband decides to be a smartass and pipe up with an expression his Dad use to say to him as a kid. Although it frequently, annoys me .. there is wisdom to be found in it .. just not when I'm trying to transfer aluminum cans thrown into a trash can without a garbage bag into an empty garbage bag ..

"Hell, help me? Have you looked at the end of your own wrist lately?."

It only feels like you're stuck in a deadend job until you can see the possibility of a different future.

Everything that comes after that is about making choices.

When we change something in our life, especially when it's up to us to take that uncomfortable first step, it begins by taking action. Otherwise, call what you want ..what it is, a dream.

You do not have to be unemployed to get grants and loans for school. In fact, unemployment is never a subsidy to go to school .. unless you get special permission from the UI dept. to suspend the requirement of a job search .. which as some people know can result in a suspension and possible denial of unemployment.

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