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Model employee for 7.5 years and then....

by Janet
(Los Angeles CA)

I have worked for a dentist for the past 7.5 years in a managerial position at will in his office of a total of 7 employees.

I was his 'muse' and confidant for 7 of these years, he would send me thank you cards and gave me raises and glowing reviews ( 'you make me feel 10 years younger')
This all changed when my Mother got very ill he was short staffed at the time so I did not opt for Family Leave offered by my doctor but I had to take a few unscheduled days off and returned to work just 2 days after she died.
Something changed ....he hired 2 new young girls inexperienced and sat them at my desk. Told me I was now to help in the back office, more of a custodial position, cut my hours, eliminated my paid vacation and reduced my pay by 30%
It is very obvious he wanted me to quit, he offered me some severance. I told him he had made the situation uncomfortable and humiliating and I couldn't afford to work for this reduced pay.
When offering the severance he is stating I resigned ...I did not... I was forced out.
What do I say?
Thank you, you are the voice of reason!

Chris's Response - Focus on How Unemployment Insurance Law Works

Hi Janet,

Sorry to hear how you were treated after 7.5 years, but ..

What should you tell the EDD?

At I'm assuming this is what you want to know ..what to tell the California EDD when you apply, or have your eligibility interview before the initial non-monetary determination is issued.

You did voluntarily quit, but given the circumstances and that you quit due to, a substantial change (30 percent reduction in your pay, if not due to the reduction in hours) would be good cause to quit .. in most states because it alters the original terms and conditions of hire and everything that came after it for no good reason.

I know it's hard to put aside the hurt this has caused you, but for purposes of getting unemployment .. it's best because often just being allowed to collect because you did focus on law and not how an ex-employer made you feel at the end .. is sweet vindication that helps a person move on.

And in the end, that's what you need to do, because no at-will employment relationship should ruin us for the next one, if we have to find a new at-will employer.

Find the link to the California UIBDG and study your issue.


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