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My husband was fired from his job in AZ and we are currently recieving unemployment. We are now moving to CA and I'm not sure how this works.

We just started receiving unemployment. AZ max per week is $265 and CA max is $500. My husband worked for 3 years for his employer and was fired without notice, and without cause. We cannot afford to stay in AZ and have been offered a place to live in CA with family. We aren't sure if we can switch to CA unemployment benefits, or if we stay with our current benefits from AZ. Further, is it committing fraud to stay on AZ benefits while living in CA? We don't know what the legalities are, if any. Thanks so much!


My advice to anyone wanting or needing to move to another state while collecting unemployment benefits is to check with the state to find out if they have a "locality provision" which might endanger the benefits if you do move.

I am not aware of a locality provision in AZ, but to be safe verify this because laws may change.

The specific state's usual procedure for changing your address needs to be followed. This usually requires also registering for work in the state you move to and adhering to that state's work search requirements. AZ will either continue sending the checks to your new address or transfer to the new state, but because the benefits are being paid from the old state's fund .. that's still what you should receive .. AZ benefit amounts.

It is not fraud .. to do this. The only issue that might arise is that moving itself can create an able and available issue .. if you report that you were able and available and actively seeking work during the time you moved. You would need to check the AZ unemployment laws to find out what constitutes not being able and available for work to know or you could just call the AZ unemployment department and ask all these questions.

Hope this helps to clarify a little.

Good Luck in California though .. finding a job.


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