My unemployment benefits are based off 2006

by Tom
(Chicago, IL)

Hi I have been a union iron worker in Illinois for over four years. In the winter I, along with most other fellow iron workers, are laid off in the winter time and collect unemployment insurance. Prior being an iron worker, in 2006, I worked as a machinist at 12.00 dollars an hour. Now when i file for my unemployment claim my wages are based off of machinist pay in 2006 not my recent iron worker wages. When I asked about why my wages are based off of the 2006 pay the rep gave me the run around. I was able to speak to someone who recommended I file an appeal which I did. I was told that I should receive a reply to my appeal in the mail but every letter they send me is confusing and repetitive. I would just like my unemployment benefits to be based off of my current union wages and not my 2006 wages. What should I do or who can i talk to, to help me resolve this issue?

Response To: My unemployment benefits are based off 2006

Hi Tom,

The IL claims rep was correct, you should have file an appeal to the "monetary determination" when you believe the state has your base period wages all wrong .. because it does have an affect on the weekly benefit amount.

But, if you want me to tell you something new other than that it would be helpful to know what the "runaround" is exactly and the date you filed the appeal. And maybe exactly what is being said in the communications that are confusing and repetitive.

Because you are in Illinois .. you can also get confused because IL always stick that extra appeal step in there. It's called the reconsideration.

If when you appeal that and it doesn't go your way .. you have to appeal the redundant, reconsidered determination again, before you get to a real hearing.

Most people think there should be a "complaint" dept for the unemployment claims dept., but if there is one in IL .. I don't know about it.

When people tell me they have been waiting interminably to fix a problem via an appeal .. I tell them to contact their state attorney general's office as that is the office usually responsible for making sure the state agencies stay in compliance with the federal laws and guidelines to operate the program.

If you're still confused Tom, email me. I do have a fax and sometimes review documents and then call and explain things as I see the problem.


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