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My unit closed and the next job they gave me i was unable to do, can I collect unemployment?

by Cathy M

I was a Pediatric nurse, always, then our unit closed. Because I need a job I accepted a position on the regular adult surgical floor. I expressed doubts about being able to physically do the work during the transition meetings. Turns out I was not able to do the work, it wasn't safe for me or the patients, and I ended up going to the chiropractor. I was afraid of being seriously injured and totally beat and exhausted, both physically and mentally by the end of my shift. They said "get more efficient", well no matter how efficient I get I will never be able to tolerate 300 pound people hanging on me or repositioning them in bed. Also since Peds had closed and they promised the upset surgeons that they would keep Peds nurses on call 24/7. Now they had me on call till 3 am after my evening shift which I couldn't cover with a sitter (I am a single Grandma raising a grandson). It was all to much and I couldn't do it. My unemployment phone interview is this week.Please help. Thanks, Cindy M

Hi Cathy,

A Decision digest may be a missing ingredient in most states, that would help lots of average people wrap their heads around how a state decides whether a person can get unemployment when
they quit.

Fortunately Wisconsin has one).

Once you get to the main page of the digest you'll want to click Voluntary Leaving. You should read anything that relates to the underlying reason(s) you quit and why the work may of been unsuitable.

Given I think you have talked to the employer about the problem of patients of substantial weight being a problem (did chiropractor = Worker comp claim?) and then determine and choose the one you think offers the best argument since you have already quit your job.

Often times, there may be more than one reason, but you should choose a primary reason, not to say you can't have more than one valid reason to mention.

When we start listing every reason we can think of .. including the kitchen sink .. we also run the risk of "self disqualifying". It's better to pinpoint the strongest legitimate reason in our unique situations that also provides for allowing benefits.

I suggest you read some of the decisions which concern quitting for health reasons and anything else that jumps out at you as relevant like childcare when you're a legal guardian.

The other elements, such as working conditions may be asked about, but choosing working conditions as the primary focus naturally requires more rebuttal from the other side. Just something to consider.

Good Luck Cathy.

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