New York State Unemployment Benefits Questions

Below you will find links to questions that have already been asked about New York State Unemployment. Most will expand on the basic concepts of unemployment as explained by the NYDOL.

The New York State unemployment Q&A's on this page may provide links to important resources for someone searching for answers about qualifying for unemployment benefits base upon the different yet common issues of unemployment that show up on the letters of determination received from the NYDOL.

How friendly is New York Unemployment? Friendlier than many.

Currently in 2011 the percentage of the totally unemployed that have received benefits from NY is 35.7% compared to the national average of 27.8%.

Yes, questions are a good idea, but sadly, NY's rules prohibit me from offering the best solution I know of for getting benefits when it comes to unemployment appeals.

All Unemployment Questions A lot more Q&A's about quitting, getting fired, and what might make the difference as to whether you can win a New York unemployment appeal hearing.

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