How To File For Unemployment Benefits Is The Easy Part

There is not any secret about where or how to file for unemployment, but finding the online unemployment benefits application, might be the last thing you do in the unemployment process that was easy if you find yourself needing to appeal and go to an unemployment hearing without knowing what is expected of you at that hearing.

Filing For Unemployment and Collecting Unemployment

Filing for unemployment and collecting unemployment benefits are not the same thing and the reasons to collect unemployment are not always the same in each state.

The variance in state unemployment laws is often where crystal clearness turns to the clarity of a mud puddle.

Whatever you do, do not let your guard down! and try to focus on collecting unemployment benefits in your state .. because those are really the only laws that matter to you.

You should view your job loss with an objectivity focused on not just your state laws, but the precedent decisions relating to your state's laws. Precedent decisions and the laws vary!! when a state provides that resource.

For those choosing not to heed this warning .. By all means, enter the unemployment ignorance chute.

But, a day or two isn't going to make that much difference if the result is that you now know why you should be allowed to collect benefits and how you might be able to show this to the decider of facts .. Your state unemployment claims department.

(Okay .. maybe I'm not being entirely objective offering my opinion of how an online unemployment benefits application is an "ignorance chute" .. but I am sincerely biased, in your favor, if you happened to have lost your job through no fault of your own.

The Basics Of Unemployment Benefits

The basics of unemployment benefits that I provide are based completely on my job experience.

I noticed that employees rarely protected themselves first with a job survival modeand when they became unemployed .. through no fault of their own .. all they could do was state this as fact, but had no ability to prove it as fact.

The survival mode of being unemployed is similar to the objective mode needed to get unemployment benefits but only by virtue of the control you choose to exert over any situation.

The most basic unemployment tips I have for you is this:

Learning how to file for unemployment benefits REQUIRES legal objectivity.

Surviving unemployment requires thinking of your own best interests objectively, and first.

Your best interest, I assume, is to survive financially .. not to take advantage of the unemployment system.

Unemployment Appeals

Unemployment appeals are at the top of my list for a reason.

If you lose the first appeal hearing because you didn't know how to prepare for it .. do-overs are a rare occurrence.

Are you looking for a sample letter of appeal to office of unemployment. Careful now .. the water is getting muddier as to what "through no fault of your own" really means.

A claimant's appeal letter is often the first mistake they make that has the potential to lose the unemployment hearing for them.

How Unemployment Works

An good overview provided to us courtesy of the United States Department of Labor .. and my take on how unemployment works.

File for unemployment onlineFirst of all, I don't want you to get to comfy in your PJ's when you file unemployment online.. but what happen next?

Being Fired and Unemployment Benefits

Uh-Oh!! Why don't we find out what Misconduct is .. and then we can discuss whether you are really guilty of it.

Can you receive unemployment when you quit a job?

If I quit my job can I collect unemployment? I like this question better because it implies you haven't quit yet and I got to tell you .. if you're going to apply for unemployment .. you want to understand what makes for good cause for quitting before you quit your job.

How to file for unemployment benefits?

With the knowledge of why you should be able to collect unemployment.

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