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Newly unemployed in PA with a RE License

by R.C.

I was employed at a company in PA for the last 8 years, while at the same time keeping an active RE license.

But I was doing less and less RE work by choice. Anyway, the W2 company I was working for was sold and our finance office was eliminated.

My question is can I still apply for unemployment while I have this license or do I need to put it in escrow in order to collect?

Assuming RE Means a Real Estate License

Hi R.C.,

I removed your full name and city and zip for a couple reasons, but primarily, because PA unemployment should work the same, no matter where someone lives and works in the state.

PA and self employment, known from past experiences of others who have been denied because they freelanced at something, is actually tougher on those with the potential for being self employed, than even some states with much lower benefit recipiency rates, with a precedent that explains when unemployed from covered employment, but worked concurrently with some form of self employment, cannot be found ineligible just because they have an SE stream of income.

To be safe, even then I would advise reporting any income from SE, when filing for weeks of unemployment benefits.

Putting a Real Estate License in Escrow

I had no idea this could be done ... but may be good to know for others in the same boat.

If you do not plan on using that RE license, I myself would probably feel much better .. safer about any perceive inability of not being able and available, or not meeting a required job search, if I put the license into escrow.

Further, real estate commissions in PA are excluded from being covered employment, or not reportable wages for an employer, or self employed agent, to pay an unemployment tax on to the state.

I'm leaving your question here on the about me page, since I perceive the question as being more about how part-time self employment can actually affect conditional eligibility, if perceived correctly, or erroneously, by a state UI agency.

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