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not being able to move up in the company.

by Aleisha

I live in Iowa and I work for a small business. Here is my situation I'am in. I have ask about 6 years ago if I could learn how to didgitize, and my boss said ok. I have not gotten to opportunity to do so. She hired a person about 4 years and sent him to MN to learn how to didgitize. Now he is leaving and she is going to hire someone else and train him on didgitize. I have been with the company for 12 years. I have not said anything to her yet about the job or if she would train me on it. Also about 5 years ago I ask if I could change my hours from 5:00p.m. to 3:30p.m. or 4:00p.m. so that I could be home when my son got home from school, I got told no. Now she has hired a new employe and she gets to leave at 3:00p.m. because her daycare can not have any more kids after 5:00. Also about 3 years ago my boss was subtraction about 2 hours from most employees pay checks. Just because she thought nobody would notice. One girl found out and everytime we got payed she would have to go in and ask her about it. She would always have a reason why it was wrong, like oh a slip of my finger on her keyboard I had a paperclip in my keyboard. The funny thing it was only wrong only on some people and not others. She did quit and told her why, sence then our pay checks have been right, that we know of.

Please tell me why you think you have a good reason to quit and collect unemployment .. especially, if you read this page and you tell me ..

"I have not said anything to her yet about the job or if she would train me on it."

Not that it would matter .. because a promotion is not something an employer owes to anyone .. unless they promised it in writing.

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