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Pending Status in NY...Questionnare Already Filled Out

by Eric
(New York, NY USA)

So I was laid off from my job at the end of March. I applied for unemployment in April and now it is the third week of my claim. I filled out all the questionnaires when I applied and when I check my status it states my claim is still pending. What am I supposed to do now?

What to When an Unemployment Claim is Still Pending .. Three Weeks After Applying for Benefits

Hi Eric,

Assuming you mean you just recently applied for benefits three weeks ago, vs. when you were laid off for a "lack of work", all I know to tell you, is you might wait a bit longer until the NYDOL issues the non-monetary determination.

Most states really do try hard to meet federal timeliness guidelines for making both initial claim determinations (monetary first, then non-monetary) because it's important to operational grants, when state program performance review time rolls around.

However, I think NY is still within the guidelines that say the typical four to six weeks is still acceptable .. even if the claim is due to being laid off.

And besides, the problem might be that the state has to spend a portion of that time, waiting on an employer (the party that pays unemployment tax) to respond to the notice you filed a claim. They might actually still be waiting for confirmation from the employer, the separation was caused by nothing less than a bona fide lack of work.

I think next week would be a better point in time to become concern and start calling to speak with someone at the NYDOL, if your claim is still pending four weeks after the date you filed.

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